3 Apps That Protect Your Home

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Worried about leaving your French holiday home secure? Going on holiday or away on a business trip, and would like peace of mind about your house in France? Read on …

Our homes are one of our most valued possessions. Not just in cost and money, but in sentimental value as well. So many memories take place in our home. It’s where the majority of our life happens. Homes are very special places. I still remember every inch of the old house I grew up in, and would hate to ever see it damaged or destroyed. And the great thing about technology today is that we now have so many tools to help protect, and maintain our homes. These are three apps that I’ve found to be great assets for common home improvement and protection.

1. iHandy Carpenter

This app is the “jack of all trades” for jobs around the house. It’s perfect for someone who is a “jack of all trades”. This app has a lever, bubble level bar, inclinometer, and more. So if you’re needing to measure a slope or angle in your house, of if you’re just trying to make sure that picture is level, this app is perfect for you. This is so much more efficient then having to buy all these different tools and then having to store them all with the possibility of losing them. But with it all on your iPhone, you have all of it right at your finger tips. Our homes are important to us and we should take care of the and maintain them as best as we can. This app is a great benefit to anyone who cares about their home.

2. Live Cams Pro

When I first saw this app, it blew me away a little bit. Not only can you view public cameras in your neighborhood, but you can sync your own home cameras up to it so you can keep an eye on your house wherever you are. It’s like a nanny cam, but more. Say you went on a long vacation and heard there was a storm coming near your home, you could simply open the app and go to the cameras surrounding your house to check on your home. Or say you were away and actually saw someone try to break into your home, you are able to record video that way you could have physical evidence to show the police. This is essentially two apps in one. It’s a public camera viewer, so you are able to watch public cameras around your home, or anywhere in the world, in real time. And it’s also a home surveillance system, meaning you could link up all of your home security cameras and watch or record them from your Apple device. This app is great for anyone who cares about protecting their home.

3. Alarm.com

Alarm .com is an app made by a company called, Smith Monitoring. It offers complete control over all your homes security system. It can send you emergency push notifications though the app to your device, like for smoke or carbon monoxide, that if you don’t respond it will alert the fire department. You’re able to control your thermostat, unlock doors, or even turn on/off the lights all through the app. Your home need to be protected. Our homes are one the most important things we have, and these apps can be great tools to help protect the homes we love.

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