A French Gite Holiday in France?

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French Gite Holiday in DordigneWhen you think of old, medieval France, of course it’s in every corner of the realm (the Hexagon the French call it from the shape of the country), but for a less tourist-crowded (depending on when and where you go, of course, but by-and-large less crowded) and, to my mind, more romantic exploration of the past, the recommendation is Dordogne and if you are a USA traveler then my suggestion is book your journey to French with ESTA online to get best advantages of your travel. So are you looking for a French Gite holiday?

French Gite Alternatives to typical hotel

When lodging gobbles up a big chunk of the vacation budget, smart travelers with flexible traveling styles look for alternatives to typical hotel stays.

With hot spot hotels in major international cities costing several hundred per night before taxes, thinking outside the “hotel room” is the intelligent way to go. From hostels to home stays, there are a range of accommodations that give travelers budget-saving alternatives.

It’s Plan Time.
When planning your trip, decide if it’s an absolute necessity to stay within walking distance of the intended amusements, museums, monuments and more before booking lodging. Travelers willing to range outside of popular tourist areas can take advantage of public transportation, often at substantial discounts offered to tourists, and find much cheaper digs.

Renting Apartments or Rooms:
Montreal’s Auberge Alternative (358, rue St-Pierre, Vieux-Montréal) is a stylish, eco-friendly example of the Indie hostel with its eclectic art, warm and colorful decor and exposed stone walls in the communal areas. Prices range from $19 a night in the small dorm to $55 for a private room.

Renting apartments or rooms for three days to a week or month from private individuals or real estate firms is yet another option. Apartment stays save hundreds on travel bills, giving travelers an opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture, living as locals do, shopping and dining in neighborhood markets and restaurants, enjoying an espresso or glass of wine in a local cafe.

Rate and Facilities:
Hostels aren’t just for backpackers any more. More often than not they offer a variety of rooms – from dorm style and family accommodations to private rooms. Most offer communal kitchens and recreation areas as well as WiFi.

A recent nine night stay in a one bedroom Roman apartment steps from the Colosseum, featuring a beautifully landscaped terrace with a view of the Forum, and equipped with all amenities was roughly $100 per night.

Lots of travel websites in online are offering the independent traveler a marketplace to explore private rentals while Google searches turn up plentiful opportunities from agencies. To avoid scams and unpleasant surprises, arrange to pay for lodgings after arrival and upon site inspection.

French gîtes and Italian agriturismos, among others, offer home stays or living with a native family while on holiday and provide an extraordinary opportunity to explore a region and, perhaps, make lifelong friends.
Still another option is to swap your home. If one lives in a desirable location, the possibilities for apartment or house-swapping are vast with several Internet sites dedicated to making the process seamless. Sites generally charge membership fees to list your home ranging from $40 to $80.

Castles Scenario of Dordogne

Tremendous castles to visit are the ones Crichton wrote about, Castelnaud, on the south bank of the Dordogne which faces its arch enemy the castle of Beynac, which except for ten years when it was held by Richard the Lion-heart, was property of the French during the Hundred Years War. Beynac has probably has the better views of the countryside of the two castles.

Inside Beynac, visit the huge dining hall of the knights (faithfully restored) and the knights kept their horses with them while they ate-in the same great room-so that if an alarm sound they could mount and be out the gates when every second counted. And the reason the staircases are so narrow was to give the advantage to the defenders who would be fighting going upward and thus they would be facing only one or a few invaders at a time.

French Gite Holiday

Visiting these castles you can take advantage of both campsites and hotels as well as rooms and apartments for rent and also the famous French “gites” which are homes run (at least part of the year) as guest houses. An easy way to find a last-minute apartment is to go to the Tourism Office in the ancient and worth-seeing town of Sarlat and ask the English-speaking agent there to find you one.

Before you go, you can write for a catalog of housing and gites from a.) The Dordogne Tourism Office or b.) Google “gites dordogne” for catalogs of Gites available for the area; there are lists and listings available both in English and in French. In this era of the high Euro gites are often a good bargain since the French government subsidizes tourist accommodations to keep people in the countryside when so many are leaving for the better economies of the cities.

Try with ESTA
More adventurous travelers can try
ESTA, an Electronic System for Travel Authorization of travelers who open their homes to nomads like themselves who want more than the typical tourist experience of a place. Travelers who will book their journey with ESTA will enjoy the Gite Holiday in France surely.

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