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Poisoned chalice: Socialist Valls backs independent centrist Macron
In this powder-keg presidential race, a new spark set France?s political class alight Wednesday as former Socialist prime minister Manuel Valls shirked party allegiances to back the independent centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Socialist candidate Hamon slams Valls defection as ?blow to democracy?
Former PM Manuel Valls said Wednesday that he would break ranks with the Socialist Party to support centrist Emmanuel Macron in the April 23 presidential vote, prompting Socialist candidate Benoît Hamon to accuse him of dealing a ?blow? to democracy.

Police killing exposes anguish of France's Chinese community
Chinese immigrants and the Chinese government have reacted angrily to a police killing in Paris that prompted violent street clashes and exposed the fears and frustrations of France's large Asian community.

French presidential candidate Fillon's wife charged over fake jobs scandal
The wife of France's conservative presidential candidate Francois Fillon was charged Tuesday with complicity in the abuse of public funds in a scandal that has engulfed her husband's campaign.

Rise of populism: Could far-right leader Le Pen be France's next president?
In this edition we ask if the rise of populism with Brexit and Donald Trump could translate into a win for the far right's Marine Le Pen here in France. On the other side of the political spectrum we profile the far left's Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who's been rising in the polls.

The well-trodden road to Berlin: Hamon is third French candidate to meet with...
Socialist candidate Benoît Hamon is meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and new Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz in Berlin on Tuesday. It is a high stakes trip for the candidate, some polls now have running fifth in the French race.

Protesters and officers clash in Paris after deadly police shooting
A violent confrontation between demonstrators and police broke out outside a police station in northern Paris on Monday night, a day after a man was shot dead in his home by officers responding to an emergency call.

French banks posted 'multi-billion euro profits' in tax havens
The Eurozone?s 20 biggest banks earned over a quarter of their profits in tax havens in 2015, according to a report released Monday by Oxfam.

French Guiana protests gate crash presidential election
Presidential candidates from France?s far-right and far-left political camps are seizing on protests more than 7,000 kilometres from Paris to bolster their bids for the Elysée Palace next month.

At Whirlpool plant, Le Pen's 'economic patriotism' is more than a slogan
The Whirlpool factory in the northern French city of Amiens is set to close in 2018. FRANCE 24 spent 24 hours meeting workers at the plant that has turned into a metaphor for France?s manufacturing malaise and calls for "economic patriotism".

Mossad 'turned French spies into double agents' after joint Syria op
An internal report written by French intelligence, parts of which were published in the daily newspaper Le Monde on Sunday, reveal efforts by the Mossad to develop relationships with French spies.

French presidential election: What attracts young voters to the far right?
The first round of France's presidential election is less than a month away and one thing seems clear: far-right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen is set to reach the second round run-off. Among her supporters, perhaps surprisingly, are young people. According to one poll, 25 percent of French people aged 18 to 30 say they plan to vote for Le Pen. Who are these youngsters and what are the reasons for their choice? FRANCE 24's team reports.

Le Pen meets Putin ahead of French presidential election
President Vladimir Putin granted an audience to French far-right party leader Marine Le Pen in the Kremlin on Friday, bestowing a level of international recognition that has so far eluded her in the countdown to France?s presidential election.

Frenchman arrested in Belgium?s Antwerp after trying to drive into crowd
Police in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp detained a French national on Thursday after he tried to drive a car into a major pedestrian shopping street at high speed.

France's scandal-hit Fillon accuses President Hollande of media leaks
French right-wing presidential candidate Francois Fillon on Thursday accused President Francois Hollande, a Socialist, of orchestrating media leaks that have dented his image as a scandal free leader a month ahead of the key vote.

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