Paris Vacation: Not Just for the Rich!

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You can’t afford a luxury trip to Paris? Well think again, here are some ideas about how to get a 5 star vacation at a three star price.

The single most important thing for a cost-effective vacation is pick you time. Times to avoid in Paris: Christmas, September/October when there are large trade shows. If you want the best hotels that Paris offers: check rates at weekends or inthe summer holidays, August, you might just get a deal.

Try to time your departure so that you leave late at night having had a full day in Paris: your hotel will hold your luggage even if you have to check out in the morning. You have now got an extra day in Paris, and no hotel bill! Sleep on the plane its the best thing to do on them.

Don’t go alone: preferably take a couple of friends and share a room: you will normally pay the same for two adults as one and the third person is much less than half the tarrif for two.

Don’t hire a car . You do not need a car in Paris; the central city is compact and walkable and the Metro will get you around faster than a taxi in rush hour. If you are hiring an auto for the remainder of your vacation, arrange it so that your hire period begins as you say au revoir to Paris.

On-line travel sites are great for finding and coparing the best hotel rates. Don’t just book with the first site you find though. Try five or six especially if you are looking for smaller, boutique hotels. Not all travel websites list all hotels.

Beware that a lot of museums and art galleries are shut one day a week: normally Monday or Tuesday. If you are in town for those two days then double check which days your “must see” sites are open to avoid disappointment.

Don’t use taxis to hop around town: use the Metro for longer trips or walk: Paris is one of the most walkable cities in the world and most of the major sights and shopping areas are within easy walking distance.

A new development in inner city transport is the Vélib program (“vélo Liberté” or Freedom Bikes) by which it is possible to rent a bike for a very modest price. The first 30 minutes is free (plus a Euro1 daily fee payable by credit card) and prices rise raipidly for longer rental: designed to encourage you to drop off the bike and pick up a new one as you require: what a great reason to stop at cafe or two…

Paris is a wonderful city and who doesn’t want to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Musse d’Orsay, Notre Dame Church. Make sure you make the effort to make it to top stared restaraunt at least once on your visit.

Choose a Paris Luxury Hotel for your next European vacation and really see a different side of that wonderful city. A central Paris hotel will help you spend most of your time in the city of romance not commuting from a remote suburb. Selecting the best Parisian hotel can make or break your vacation.

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  2. When choosing places to stay in Paris, be sure you research the market. Hotels and apartments are available for vacationers. The downside is many hotel rooms cost $100 and up per night. Choose from the many hotel booking sites online.

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