Gite Market Prospects for 2009?

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Gite Market Prospects

The New Year is often a time to reflect and plan for the future. Often, big decisions are made during this period. Many contemplate big life-style changes while others plan to settle their finances like mortgages and the like. If history is anything to go by, the number of enquiries about Gites will rocket in January, February and March. So what are the Gite Market Prospects for 2009?

Will it be the same in 2009? The financial crisis will have some impact – there is no doubt. But it will be a good time to buy with substantial price reductions in the pipeline.

The media has been full of stories about expats with diminishing pensions in euro land. The rapid demise of pound sterling against the euro, has devalued pensions by 30% in the last 12 months. So many expats are having to re-consider a return back to Blighty. Expats in France are being forced to sell-up and return to the UK too.

In these well publicised cases, the problem is the income is in pound sterling. Those fortunate to be running gites will not be affected by this particular issue – although they have a different set of problems (less tourists from the UK as they cannot afford to holiday in France!). Gite owners are typically paid in euros so their income will not subject to the exchange rate.

So in 2009, we think potential “expats” will look at the Gite market seriously as they will perceive that their income will be in euros. Gites will look attractive in this light – a lifestyle change and income in euros! This paints a rosy picture. The gite market still remains a fiercely competitive market – 2009 is likely to even more competitive as economies struggle with the recession and tourist numbers to France decline.

Our recommendation is to have a thoroughly researched business plan – that is realistic! Look at options for a niche market for your Gite – wine tours, painting weekends, rambler weeks, etc. These markets are easier to market to – rather than attacking a hugely competitive general tourist market. Look for an unique USP, and bear in mind the French only tend to book gites in July and August. Perhaps 10 weeks to make some income! You probably need to look at attracting business outside that 10 week time frame. Save money on your channel ferries too: Channel Ferries Deals.

C’est la vie!

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  1. Price Research
    If you want to estimate the amount of weekly revenue for a property type/region – go to the region of interest, say Brittany Vacations (see the menu at the top of the page – mouseover “North France” and click on Brittany), choose a property by clicking on the photo; on the next page click on the Price/Availability/Book tab – mouse over a week and look for the price “weekly price indicator, E (EUR) ” just above the calendar on the right.

    It will give you an idea of potential revenue!

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