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In the United States there are thousands of magazines available every week or moth, but the sheer volume of the magazines makes it hard to know which ones are worth reading.  When you add in the international magazines that are available, the number becomes even more staggering, and it is easy for you to succumb to information overload.  Fortunately there are some international magazines/editions that are more useful than others, and these magazines will give the best value for your money.

Paris Match

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American newsstands are crowded with People and US Weekly, magazines that are full of celebrity puff pieces and usually lack any kind of real news coverage.  Paris Match is the perfect counterpoint to the celebrity gossip rag.  Since 1949 Paris Match has been a leader in the publication of French and international news.  Amidst these hard hitting news stories are features that discuss celebrity culture and lifestyles, but these features shy away from the rumor laden, often factless, stories that American gossip magazines carry.  Since the mid-1970s Paris Match is a weekly newsmagazine that people all over France and the world trust for their news features.

Le Monde Diplomatique

Newspapers and news magazines in the United States tend to focus on writing stories that are based solely in fact, and very rarely do the publications editorialize outside of the limited op-ed section.  In France, their approach to news is much different.  Since 1944 Le Monde has been one of the most influential newspapers in all of France, and Le Monde Diplomatique is their international monthly news edition.  Le Monde Diplomatique covers all of the most important and newsworthy events that happen all over the world each month, and gives readers an interpretation of how those events might impact their lives.  The publication is very left leaning and American readers will find that the staff at Le Monde Diplomatique is extremely critical of American policies throughout the world.  Even if the American audience does not agree with what Le Monde Diplomatique and its staff has to say, it is an interesting insight into how others throughout the world view American foreign policy.

Vogue – French Edition

The other two magazines on this list have been publications that are completely unique to France, not French editions of American magazines.  While French Vogue does have its roots in American Vogue, the differences are so striking that the French edition hardly resembles the one in the United States.  French Vogue is a cutting edge fashion magazine that emphasizes high fashion.  Unlike the American version of the magazine, French Vogue does not censor its photographers or its staff.  Photo shoots in French Vogue are artistically not much different from gallery layouts that you might find in a major museum.  There are no restrictions on nudity or content, so the photos in French Vogue are much more raw and emotional than what readers would find in American Vogue.  Because Paris is one of the centers of fashion in the world, the designs featured in French Vogue are definitive examples of current trends and they have a significant impact on the fashion world.

French magazines, like Paris Match, Le Monde Diplomatique and French Vogue are useful in giving you a broader perspective of the world around you.  While the news magazines require a working knowledge of French, French Vogue is enjoyable even to those who are French illiterate.

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