Top Tips To Help You Choose The Ideal Skiing Location In France

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Despite the recession still affecting many industries and markets, it does appear that the number of people going skiing once, twice or even more times a year, is starting to rise once again. For many, the pull of snow is too great and as such the rise in people buying ski properties is also increasing. Fortunately there seems to be plenty of properties available and prices are currently fairly reasonable, although this does depends on what kind of ski property you are looking for.

If you are a snow bunny and enjoy annual (or more regular) ski trips then a ski property might be a very good investment for you. However, just as there is a lot to consider before deciding on your skiing location for a simple holiday, there is obviously also a lot to think about before actually investing in a ski property in France.

Below you will find a few of the most important considerations to take on board before booking a specific skiing location. These are also relevant for those looking to buy a ski property.

Is snow a sure thing?

Val d´Isere Skiing

Val d´Isere Skiing – Flickr Commons License

You need snow to ski (or snowboard). This is a fact which no one can argue with. Although if someone is being pedantic, you can obviously ski on dry ski slopes but where’s the fun in that? So, the very first thing to consider is how much snow your chosen location in France gets on an annual basis and more specifically during the ski season.

It is well worth looking at various stats and figures so you can be well informed about previous years’ snowfalls and such, however, it is also worth asking others who have been there in the past, as well as looking up the weather at your chosen location at different times throughout the year and in the build-up to booking your time away.

Most people would look to go skiing at the French Alps, since the Alps are well known to offer the broadest range of resort options and because of the high altitude, provide resorts where snow is most reliable, for instance Les Arcs, Val d’Isère and Isola 2000. Whether choosing a location for your future ski property or for a ski holiday, just keep in mind you should really be aiming to choose a location that is above 1,500 metres.

Late season skiing

When going skiing during the normal ski season, it can often feel like you’re more trying to avoid people on the slopes than actually ski. In this manner, it can often be better to choose your location depending on how late in the season you can go to ski and how much the location continues to thrive throughout the non-winter seasons. Going late in the season will mean you avoid more of the crowds and as such can enjoy yourselves a bit more on the slopes.

Of course, if you are buying a property, choosing a location that provides reliable late season skiing, as well as non-skiing activities is also a very good idea because not only does it mean you can enjoy your property throughout the year but that others will be attracted to rent it from you too. Resorts such as Tigne and Val Thorens are two very viable options for this.

Author Bio: Laura writes for Free Spirit Alpine. When not writing, she can often be found investigating exciting new ski locations.

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